Historic culture and art

Enjoy the different culture historic sights, Vila das Artes as Vila Nova de Cerveira is called or visit the numerous markets, feasts or festivals



The native inhabitants were the Lusitanians. 1000 BC came the Celts, who mixed with the natives. Part of the Lusitanians did not want to mix and are now known as the Galicians. 300 BC the Romans arrived.

In the area you still can find tracks:

  • escavations in Vila Nova de Cerveira (100 BC, 300 AC, 600, 1800)
  • petroglyphs (2000 BC)
  • escavations in Cossourado and Viana do Castelo (1000 BC)
  • megaliths in Peneda
  • a Celtic village in Guarda, Galicia
  • Citânia de Briteiros, an escavated town of 10.000 inhabitants between Braga and Guimarães, which was built by the Celts and taken over by the Romans
  • Roman bridge in Ponte de Lima

Middle Ages

After centuries of domination and fighting the king Dom Diniz decided in the 13th century that it was enough and he was going to fortify the existing borders. That is when Portugal started to exist:

  • castles and fortresses along the Minho
  • in Ponte de Lima Portugal was born
  • Guimarães was the first capital of Portugal

Art and architecture

In de 80's of the last century the famous Portuguese sculpturist/painter José Rodrigues renovated the convent São Paio in the mountains above Vila Nova de Cerveira and made it into an art galery. The village promotes itself as Vila das Artes and has through the whole village lots of sculptures. Every 2nd year (uneven) it organises the inernational exhibition Bienal with more than 300 artists and 500 art items.

Other interesting

  • de Bienal is the 6th event in Portugal
  • Casa de Musica in Porto
  • Cruise tunnel in Matosinhos
  • Football stadium in Braga


Local markets

There are weekly, monthly and yearly markets. They take the whole day. In our region is the industry of textile and shoes, that is why we have lots of merchandise as sheets, towels, clothing and shoes. But also bags, furniture, plants, household articles, decoration and food.

Weekly markets

  • mon - Ponte de Lima (two weekly)
  • wed - Valença en Caminha
  • thu - Monção
  • fri - Viana do Castelo
  • sat - Vila Nova de Cerveira
  • saturday morning - regional market Viana do Castelo, Valença

Monthly markets

  • 1st Sundayzondag - Valença
  • 2nd Sunday - Cerdal

Art and antique market

  • 1st Saturday - Viana do Castelo
  • 1st Sunday - Valença
  • 2nd Sunday - Vila Nova de Cerveira, Ponte de Lima
  • 3rd Sunday - Caminha

Celebrations and festivals

There are anual events like Medieval festivals, religious celebrations and music festivals. The region Minho is known, even in Portugal, for the many celebrations. Every weekend a villaga somewhere celebrates the Saint who protects there village.

  • Medieval festival - 1st weekend of March in Baiona, Galicia, Spain
  • Holy week - the week before Easter especially in Braga (once the religious capital of Portugal)
  • The patron Saint São Felix - 3rd weekend in Candemil
  • The patron Saint São Bento - around 1st August in Vila Nova de Cerveira
  • Rockfestival Paredes de Coura - end of August
  • Rockfestival Vilar de Mouros - end of July

Current local calendars

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