Convivio is the portuguese word for a get together with food. Friends can organise a convivio, but also a political party can organise a convivio.
On our campsite it means that guests are having dinner together and exchange experiences they like to share.

Dante, the Italian filospher, gave it the meaning: when people of different circuits (economically, socially, intelectually, culturally etc.)
eat, drink and talk together, they very easily have the opportunity of broaden there insights while having a good time.
Dante went a bit further by saying that a convivio-life is a life in balance. You don't separate your work life from your family life
from your social life from your creative life or any other aspect of your life. The different aspects are experienced in harmony.
This blog is mixing personal experiences as a foreigner in Portugal with these of guests travelling, belonging to different cultures, with news
from the Portuguese society. It is written in English to serve as many people as possible.

The blog is divided in the themes conivio, events, history and society, Convívio will give personal experiences concerning our life in Portugal and the conversation during the meals. The events are the day to day organised activities in the region, which of course are expecially interesting during the period you actually stay in this area. The history give background articles on the history of Portugal which is the base to understand why Portugal is in the situation it is. And then, society, which are diverse articles about things happening in this time of age.

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