17 years in Portugal

We came in 2001 to stay for 1 year to rethink our life in Holland. After 3 months we were caught by the atmosphere in Portugal and started looking around how to earn money for a living. After 10 months we found this campsite which was abandoned and decided to take up the challenge. We don't have children but I dare to say that it is about the same. You start something which you try to prepare for, but you cannot possibly know how it will develop, because it overthrows your life you lived uptil then and confronts you with yourself. The one thing we took from Holland was the name Convivio. In Holland we had a multicultural foundation called Convivio and in Portugal we named our campsite Convivio. Coincidence or not that we could prolong this name?

In Holloand we lived in a society of knowledge, whereby in general the basics of staying alive are taken care of (home, food, money) and your status comes from the job and the amount of money you earn. In Portugal we had to start from the beginning as if we were just born namely the language, social network, business network, . This was the challenge, we survived it and are happy with the decision we made. We still have time to philosophy about life and even more so because we have knowledge of two cultures now. But, we also live a different life. We don't sit inside and behind the computer, but besides that we work outside, administrate, serve people, work with hands and with our head, etc. We broadened our skills instead of specialising in just one. When our head is tired, we do a job with the hands. When the weather is good we work outside, otherwise inside. And so on.

Therefor we find it important to do as much ourselves as possible. From cleaning to designing a website and everything in between. We notice the value of all the work that has to be done and we are slowed by the fact that we have to do it all ourselves. Two things which, in this time and age, we seem to loose.

Camping Convívio

Rua de Badão 1
Bacelo, 4920 - 020 Candemil
Vila Nova de Cerveira

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