The Celts till 300 AC

The Celtic culture originates from about 2000 BC, in the region Czech Republic and  Slovakia. At its top around 500 BC their area was the whole of todays Europe, from Scotland to Spain and Portugal to Eastern Europe. Even some parts of Turkey and Northern Africa. The Roman Empire and the Ancient Greeks never had so much.

Despite this, the Celtic culture is not as known nowadays as the Roman and the Greek history. The Celts did not write. So all the information we have is from escavations and what the Romans and Greeks wrote about them. Since the Celts were there direct enemy, you can imagine that the information was at least coloured. In our area around the campsite there are lots of escavations as Cossourado (6 km), near the fortress in Vila Nova de Cerveira (6 km), petroglyphs (rock paintings from that time) in Lanheles (12 km), Monte Trega (25 km) en Citania Briteiros (70 km) between Guimarães and Braga. The latter is a city like excavation where you clearly can see that the Celts were overcome by the Romans who continued building.

The Celts have never been a people reigned by a person. They were more like Europe, USA and Canada together today with her Anglo-Saxon culture. Several people with more or less the same culture and origin. Although today we work more together than in those days. Nowadays the most what remind us of the Celts are their symbols and their language. In Ireland, Scotland, Welsh, some coast regions in France and Galicia in Spain, is a language spoken which is related to Cymrish, the Celtic language. In the summer their are here and there Celtic festivals with music.

The Romans were a people governed by a person. They started from Rome to expand their land and quite fast they met with the Celts, who also were still expanding. The cartoon Asterix is about these encounters. The fight and trade for a long period and finally both vanish. 400 BC the Celts conquered Rome and detroyed it. Also, because of the struggle, a lot of migrations are taking place. At that point the Romans, who had built up Rome again, under Julius Caesar decide to put an end to this migration and the struggle. They finally conquer the Celts, 58 BC, mainly because the Celts were less organised than the Romans. The Roman Empire goes upto the river Rhine. The Celts survive here and there till around 500 AC, but than finally disappear.


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